Planet Fitness Machines and How to Use Them

Planet Fitness is owned by the Rhode Island-based company Gold’s Gym International, which has facilities on five continents. It is one of the biggest gym chains in the U.S. with over 462 facilities nationwide and they have its own line of fitness equipment that includes LifeFitness’s most advanced fitness equipment the R-1000 Indoor Cycle.

This commercial-grade machine has an easy-to-read display for programming various levels of cycling training programs or simply having users enter their heart rate manually to set up a customized program for whatever level desired with an optional fan to keep you cool as you work out.

The computer’s large tracking screen can be easily seen from anywhere in many club settings so friends and family members can keep track of how far they’ve progressed through your training routine or even

Planet Fitness offers 20 different types of cardio equipment, free weights, and two Universal machines (a Universal machine allows anyone to work for any major muscle group).

However, some Planet facilities may not offer the exercise that you’re looking for; if that’s the case you can either use one of the facilities nearby or use your own equipment at home. Planet also offers childcare so Mommy and Daddy can work out too!

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